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Smoking And ED: How To Fix Yourself

If you are struggling with erectile dysfunction (ED), you probably have looked at many ways to help your problem. But one thing stopping you might be the very thing sitting in your pocket! 

There are many negative side effects of smoking, but many don't know about the connection between smoking and ED. If you needed to add another reason to quit, improving your erectile dysfunction may be your new motivation. 

Treatment For Smoking Related ED
Smoking And ED Issues


Smoking affects almost every part of your body's functioning, so it makes sense that it would also affect your sex life. Smoking slows the circulation of your blood by damaging the lining of your blood vessels. It means your blood can't get to where it needs to as easily and quickly as a non-smoker's. 

When it comes to impotence, it is all about blood vessels and keeping your circulation going. If the blood vessels in your penis get damaged by smoking, you will have more obstacles facing you in your battle against ED. 


When people think of erectile dysfunction, they most often think of older men. However, younger men also can develop problems with ED. It means that even for young men, smoking can spell trouble for future ED problems. 

If you are a man who already suffers from ED, then quitting smoking may be a huge step forward in solving your ED problems. But even for young men who smoke, quitting smoking may be essential for avoiding ED. 

If you want to have a carefree sex life for as long as possible, cut out the smoking as soon as possible. 


You now know that smoking damages your blood vessels. Now let's talk about if someone quits. 

Once you quit smoking, blood circulation can improve in as little as 2 to 12 weeks. That's excellent news for those suffering from ED. 

The degree to which quitting smoking and ED improvement progresses will depend on age, lifestyle, and other health factors. But if you're someone with ED who has tried every means of treatment without success, quitting smoking could be the difference between overcoming your ED or not.


If you want to quit smoking to improve problems with impotence, try the following techniques:


- Decide why you want to quit. If it's to avoid Erectile Dysfunction, focus on how quitting can improve your sex life. Finding a variety of goals can help you stay motivated to quit.

- Get rid of all the items associated with cigarettes. It's not enough to throw out the cigarettes themselves. Dispose of the matches, lighters, ashtrays, and anything else that recalls smoking and cigarettes.

- Change your habits. For many smokers, a cigarette is an excuse to take a break or something associated with everyday activities. Replace the habit with a healthy alternative. Go for a walk, sing loudly in the car instead of smoking—any activity, no matter how silly it may seem, can keep you from going for that cig.

- Quit on one day, not over a period. Reducing cigarette use over time doesn't target the addiction. Get rid of it ASAP.

- Acknowledge that a slip-up isn't the end. It's a reminder for you to keep focusing on your goals. Move on from that mistake, and keep trying.

- Lean on your family or friends. Find the people in your life who are rooting for you to quit. Let them help you remember why it's so critical.


Once you quit, you can start enjoying the benefits of an improved circulatory system. The effects of quitting go well beyond ED, but helping with erectile dysfunction is a great reason to quit any day! 

Treatment While Your Quitting Smoking


If you're experiencing problems achieving or keeping an erection, then smoking and cigarettes could be the culprit. Quitting may allow you to address your problems with erectile dysfunction while also improving your health overall. 

However, quitting smoking and ED improving won't be a guaranteed outcome for everyone. That's why we recommend speaking with your doctor about your experience with ED and treatments for quitting smoking. 

Visit the causes of ED section for different types of erectile dysfunction men experience. We have everything you need to know about erectile dysfunction, and we want to help you get back to life before ED! 

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