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It is estimated that erectile dysfunction will spike by 2025.  Current data suggests there will be an increase to 322 million men that suffer from impotence. There are many reports that state 33% of men will experience ED by the time they are 50% and 42% will experience the condition before they hit 60!  These are alarming stats.


Millions of men and women are deeply concerned about erectile dysfunction and the problems that arise within their relationships due to this.  Many people forget that ED can have extreme negative effects on women, who are in heterosexual relationships,  too as they are left feeling they're partner is not attracted to them anymore.



MedicineUnwired is here to offer the knowledge, support and advice that is needed for anyone who is effected by this debilitating condition.  We go into detail on the causes of erectile dysfunction, the different methods of ED treatment that can be utilised to help stabilise the condition, as well as much more.

We want men and women to join our community and help support each other through these tough times.  The great news though is that Ed can be treated effectively.  It does not mean your sexual life has to stop.  Do not worry!

Learn About Erectile Dysfunction
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There are many reasons why men sometimes cannot achieve erections during sexual intercourse.  Read our educational guide to get some insight into ED problems and what can cause impotence.

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Providing support for ED with online resources such as programs, forums, education and treatments.


We aim to provide users with all the relevant resources they require to help successfully treat impotence.


We look at treatment that is available for sufferers and provide a detailed, comprehensive look into the legitimacy of these products and services. 


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We educate men and arm them with strong knowledge of the causes of impotence and help them to identify the correct line of treatment that may work for them.  First thing that we recommend is visit a doctor. Have all the necessary check ups to see if there are any major health issues that need identifying.  Once that is complete, return to MedicineUnwired to find out how to successfully treat ED.

There are a range of highly successful methods that can treat ED.  The question is, which is the best one for your condition.  It may be herbal treatment, natural remedies, online treatment, or ED supplements. We will provide reviews, vital information, and products that will help you to make the right decisions when trying to treat your sexual health problems.

Becoming extremely knowledgeable about your condition is our main aim. Knowledge is power and knowing everything you need to know about sexual health matters can only help you to become well again and get back to a normal sex life again.

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