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Low Blood Pressure And ED

Low Blood Pressure And ED: Is there a connection?

Low blood pressure and ED does not seem to be directly linked with each other. High blood pressure and ED is though. Let’s look at how sex, low blood pressure, and ED connect to help inform healthier, happier, and longer lives.

How To Treat Your ED
Low Blood Pressure For ED


Sex offers a wealth of benefits, as the physical activity supports many well-functioning bodily systems. Within the body’s complex networks, a strong link exists between blood pressure (BP) and the arousal disorder erectile dysfunction (ED).


Sex reduces stress, boosts immunity, and promotes good sleep, all of which are integral to a high quality of life. It engages many muscles and raises heart rate. Healthy intimacy helps regulate both BP and sexual function.

Sex is linked to lowered blood pressure and testosterone balance, which reduce the risk of serious conditions like heart disease. Twice-weekly intercourse can halve men’s risk of heart disease-related death.


Blood flow is integral to erections. It's normal for older men to have less ease, firmness, and duration of erection, but worsening, problematic symptoms should be discussed with a doctor.

Hypertension prevents proper blood flow for erection formation, and is a common cause of ED. Erectile dysfunction can also be a side effect of hypertension medications, and ED medications maybe unsafe for men with low BP. (Please consult your doctor or healthcare professionals if you have low pressure and are considering using ED medications of any type.)

Good lifestyle habits like diet and exercise aid in regulating BP, which provides relief for the symptoms of ED. Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol worsen both low blood pressure and ED issues. Exercise also fights depression and boosts confidence, and mental health is critical for sexual health and general well-being.


Regulated BP is vital for a long, healthy life, and a thriving sexual life is correlated to both. The connections linking blood pressure, sex, and erectile dysfunction are well-documented, and illuminate how they can work together to support optimal health.

Always consult with your doctor to develop the safest, most effective and appropriate plan for your individual case.

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