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Diabetes And Erections

Diabetes And Erections: What Is The Link?

Diabetes and erections have a complicated relationship.  It is an extremely common issue as an estimated 75% of diabetic men will suffer with impotence at some point in their lives.


The link between diabetes and erectile dysfunction stems from the changes within the body that arise over time due to the lack of blood sugar control.  It basically causes damage to the blood vessels which in turn prevent blood and nitric oxide reaching the penis.  If the blood vessels, hormones and nerves are not functioning as they should then sexual health issues begin to occur. Namely, erectile dysfunction (ED).

Diabetes & Erections


Diabetes, according to NHS UK, is a medical condition that increases the blood sugar of individuals.  Diabetes can be split into different types - type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.


Type 1 diabetes is caused by the body's own immune system attacking the healthy cells that produce the necessary insulin we need.


Type 2 diabetes is where the body stops producing the correct levels of insulin.


When eating, our bodies digest food causing insulin to push glucose out of the blood where it is then released as energy.  However, if you are suffering with diabetes the glucose cannot be transitioned into energy due to the lack of insulin.


Symptoms vary but if you are suffering from any of the following symptoms then you should seek professional help immediately.


  1. Extreme thirst
  2. Fatigue
  3. Frequent urination
  4. Cuts that take a long time to heal
  5. Blurred vision
  6. Itching of the genitalia
  7. Weight loss


As always, we advise you to speak with your doctor regarding the best cause of action to take when treating ED if you are diabetic.

If you are unsure about visiting your doctor due to embarrassment of your condition then consider registering with an online clinic that can advise you.  These are hassle free, discreet and professional services that specialise in impotence and diabetes.

The good news is that ED can be treated effectively for anyone who suffers with diabetes.  Generally, oral medications such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis are prescribed to help achieve erections however, there are many other treatments which are effective too:-

  1. Injection therapy
  2. Vacuum pumps
  3. Sex therapy
  4. Psychotherapy
  5. Surgery
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