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About Erectile Dysfunction

Everything You Need to Know in a Comprehensive Guide

About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can affect men of all ages and can be caused for a variety of reasons. Many men feel embarrassed by erectile dysfunction, which can often result in delayed diagnosis. There is nothing to feel humiliated about with this common condition. Causes vary enormously, as do their accompanying treatments

It’s key to point out that all men experience issues in the bedroom from time to time. A failure to perform occasionally is not necessarily indicative of ED problems. Factors such as work-related stress or fatigue can hinder your ability to produce an erection. This does not mean you require medical intervention. You should only be concerned if you experience frequent erection failure. 


ED problems are generally defined as any interference with the erection process that prevents a sustained or satisfying result. It can manifest as the inability to sustain an erection or the inability to achieve an erection at all.

Numerous factors can contribute to the cause of ED, including:

  1. Failure of communication between brain signals and erectile responses
  2. Inhibited release of nitric oxide from nerve endings in the corpora cavernosa endothelial cells
  3. Blood flow obstruction preventing the erection of the penis

There are many biological roles your body must successfully perform to achieve an erection. Any hindrance to this process at any point can be the cause of ED. This is partly why there’s no need to feel embarrassed over the condition. Bodies are complex!


If you’re struggling with any of the following ED problems, they may be symptomatic of erectile dysfunction:

  1. Consistent difficulty achieving or sustaining an erection
  2. Diminished or significantly reduced sexual desire
  3. Premature or delayed ejaculation
  4. Inability to orgasm

If you are experiencing one or more of the above symptoms, you should consult your usual healthcare professional for advice. This will begin the diagnosis process. 

Due to how many factors can play a role in the cause of ED, this process may be more involved than your previous experience of diagnosis. This can include both physiological and psychological reviews, including an admission of your medical and sexual history.


There is no one certified way to absolutely prevent ED. However, there are many steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of developing ED problems or relieve some of your symptoms if you are already struggling.

These steps include:

  1. Achieving a healthy sleeping habit. This can mean ensuring you receive at least seven hours of sleep and limiting your screen time in the evening. You should also try minimising caffeine intake.
  2. Monitor your alcohol intake and drink responsibly
  3. If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, seek professional help. If you are already on antidepressants, discuss your doctor's adverse effects and consider a different medication.
  4. Avoid smoking or substance abuse of any kind.
  5. Maintain a healthy diet and exercise frequently. Introduce fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins into your life as opposed to full-fat dairy and red meats.


Following a thorough diagnosis, effective treatment is available for erectile dysfunction. Some are more drastic than others, and the degree of treatment you require depends on your individual case.

Treatment options include:

  1. Medications such as Viagra, Cialis, Stendra, and Levitra all act to increase blood flow to the penis
  2. Intraurethral medications that additionally increase blood flow but are not orally taken as the above. Instead, they are administered directly into the penis following urination.
  3. Vitamin supplementation such as zinc, vitamin D, DHEA, L-carnitine, among others, can all help improve erectile dysfunction.
  4. Acupuncture has been cited as an effective treatment due to the psychological benefits associated.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to ED treatment. All men are different, and all require unique approaches. 

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