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ED After A Vasectomy

Vasectomy and Erectile Dysfunction (ED): A Correlation?

Do vasectomies cause erectile dysfunction (ED)? If you're worried about developing ED after a vasectomy, you're not alone. However, it's extremely unlikely that vasectomies cause erectile dysfunction. The functions of a vasectomy do not directly interfere with the functions of erection production in the body, so it shouldn't be a concern for many who undergo the process.

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ED After Vasectomy


A vasectomy is completed by altering the vas deferens. These are the tubes that carry sperm and send it out through the urethra of the penis during the ejaculation process. Sperm cells are then blocked from leaving and therefore are unable to cause pregnancy.

It's a misconception that no ejaculation occurs after this procedure. Men will still ejaculate. However, since the sperm is no longer taking the proper route, there cannot be any sperm cells in the semen.

Vasectomies are a long-term method of birth control. However, they can be reversed, and normal sperm function can continue. 


No, they don't. Vasectomies still allow for the normal erection process. A sexual stimulant will act as the trigger for the process, and this will be followed by a relaxation in the smooth muscle tissue, and the penile arteries will expand for blood flow. This will cause an erection. The veins will then constrict, and this will keep the penis rigid.

Further, the blood will be sent back through the body when the stimulation ends or after ejaculation. Since the body still processes semen, the ejaculation process will resume as normal.


Vasectomies have been found, on average, to improve men's ability to hold an erection. It's also been found to improve sexual satisfaction among men and their female partners. So, keep these facts in mind if you're considering the procedure!

More information can be found here on the effect of vasectomies on male sexual health.

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