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Low Haemoglobin And Erectile Dysfunction

How Is Low Haemoglobin And Erectile Dysfunction Linked?

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, affects around 1 in 10 males. It refers to the inability to maintain or keep up an erection for the duration of sexual intercourse. Occasional failure to maintain an erection is not unusual, but failure more than 50% of the time for a man of any age may mean treatment is necessary.

Here, we address issues that arise when the ED is a symptom of other underlying health conditions. One of the most common of these is low haemoglobin and erectile dysfunction.

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Low Haemoglobin & Erectile Dysfunction


Haemoglobin is a protein in your blood cells that contains iron and helps transport oxygen around your body. This oxygen helps you create energy and is responsible for helping to maintain erections.

A low iron, or low haemoglobin level, means there is less iron for the oxygen from your lungs. As a result, this means your body is transporting less oxygen and will produce less energy, making you feel tired and possibly leading to erectile dysfunction. 

A deficiency of iron in the blood cells or a low haemoglobin count constitutes anaemia and often requires medical attention.


As a treatment, a doctor can prescribe iron tablets to help boost your iron levels. These iron tablets are more potent than supplements available and pharmacies or supermarkets.

Typically, you'll need to take these tablets for around six months. It is also advisable you start eating more iron-rich foods such as green leafy vegetables or grass-fed beef. You may be able to take over the counter iron supplements if these foods don't fit within your diet.


In sum, low haemoglobin and erectile dysfunction have a strong correlation. Therefore, any ED calls for a doctor's visit because it can be symptomatic of another condition.

Visit our section on the causes of ED if you require more information about the symptoms you have. It is always important to educate yourself further about erectile dysfunction before making any hasty decisions on treatments.

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