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ED In Men Is Debilitating

ED in men is extremely distressing! We want to get the message out there that erectile dysfunction in men is not the 'doom and gloom' life men think it is.  It is not a normal part of growing old and it does not have to ruin your sex life - granted, it is a condition that is tough to deal with as it causes all sorts of psychological damage if you let it however, it is very treatable.

This can happen to men of any age.  It does not discriminate!  Yes, impotence is far more common in men over the age of 75 however, it does affect men of any age.  Your first point of call should always be a doctor to rule out any serious health conditions.

Read our section on the causes of ED to see what are some of the main reasons as to why men cannot achieve an erection during sex.  These can include high blood pressure, low blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, stress, cholesterol, diet, alcohol, vitamin d deficiency, smoking, vasectomies, low haemoglobin, psychological issues and prostate problems to name a few.

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Learn About The Cause Of Men's ED

Work your way through our in-depth online guide and learn what can cause ED in men.  If you do not know what is causing your condition then read through each page in this section to identify what could be the catalyst to your impotence.

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ED Treatments Which May Help You

Search through the library of treatments that are available for you.  Work through our treatment guide to find the right methods & solutions for you. Find out which have the best results and which do not.

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Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction (ED) In Men


Learn about the popular online methods, whether traditional, pharmaceutical or natural, that are used to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

Learn More About Online Ed Treatment

There are many sexual health products that can be bought over the counter at your local pharmacists and shops for quick and simple ways to treat ED. Are they any good?

Learn More On Over The Counter Treatment For ED

More and more men are turning to herbal and alternative ways to treat sexual ailments, conditions and illnesses these days.  Why is this method becoming more popular?

Learn More About Herbal Treatment For ED

Another popular treatment is to use a battery powered penis pump.  This plastic tube can easily fit over the penis and ... well, you know what happens next!

Learn More About Effective Penis Pumps For Ed

Take a look at the traditional and holistic medicines that can assist men with their sexual health conditions.  There are plenty of options. Find out which are the most effective ones.

Learn More About Erectile Dysfunction Medicine As Treatment

Chinese medicine has been repeatedly overlooked over the years as westerners seem to prefer taking prescription medication. Can acupuncture help?

Learn More About Using Acupuncture As A Treatment For ED

Penile injection therapy may seem daunting, but it's not suited for everyone. Yet, the outcomes might pleasantly surprise you. Explore the effectiveness of this treatment.

Learn More About Using Injections TO Treat ED

Supplements can be highly beneficial, particularly if you have a deficiency in vitamins & minerals, as this could be a contributing factor to impotence. What are the pros and cons?

Learn More On The Pros & Cons of ED Supplements

Penile suppositories involve utilising plastic applicators to administer medications into the erectile chambers, increasing blood flow to the penis, aiding in maintaining an erection.

Learn More On How Penile Suppositories Help ED

Low-intensity shock-wave therapy is an innovative, pill-free, painless, swift method with excellent results applicable to all age groups. Discover further about this treatment approach.

Learn More On Wave Therapy For ED

Explore natural approaches that can aid men in combating impotence. It extends beyond prescription drugs. Discover the natural therapy that suits you best.

Learn More About Natural Remedies Being Used For ED

Engaging in counseling or sex therapy can be advantageous for men dealing with specific sexual health concerns. Understand what transpires in these sessions & evaluate their effectiveness.

Learn More On How Sex Therapy Can Help With ED

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We educate men and arm them with strong knowledge of the causes of impotence and help them to identify the correct line of treatment that may work for them.  First thing that we recommend is visit a doctor. Have all the necessary check ups to see if there are any major health issues that need identifying.  Once that is complete, return to MedicineUnwired to find out how to successfully treat ED.

There are a range of highly successful methods that can treat ED.  The question is, which is the best one for your condition.  It may be herbal treatment, natural remedies, online treatment, or ED supplements. We will provide reviews, vital information, and products that will help you to make the right decisions when trying to treat your sexual health problems.

Becoming extremely knowledgeable about your condition is our main aim. Knowledge is power and knowing everything you need to know about sexual health matters can only help you to become well again and get back to a normal sex life again.

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We review erectile dysfunction natural supplement & herbal treatment brands including Semenax, VigRX Plus, Provacyl, Pro Solution Plus and many more. Do they work?

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